Travel Information

In response to questions that we received from a number of prospective attendees, we would like to provide you with general information on accommodation and other arrangements that one should consider before they decide to participate in the SMART Winter School.


We hope the following Q&As will be helpful.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter the UK?

A. In order to establish if you need a visa to join the SMART Winter School, please refer to information on the UK Home Office web-site.

PLEASE NOTE: We should be able to provide delegates with invitation letters, but we won’t be able to assist with your visa application process.

Q. Do I need to pay for attending the SMART Winter School?

A. All teaching activities are free. However, delegates will cover their college accommodation and travel expenses. You may also need to pay for social activities that will be offered on some afternoons during the Winter school run.

Q. Should I obtain travel insurance?

A. Yes, one should obtain travel insurance before travelling to the SMART Winter School. This could be arrange personally or through one’s university administrative services.

Q. Where would I stay?

A. We offer accommodation to the SMART Winter School participants in one of the most beautiful and oldest Cambridge Colleges: Jesus College. However, those delegates who would like to organise their own accommodation and food provision are welcome to do so.

Q. Where I would study?

A. All SMART Winter School activities will be run at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Q. Would I be albe to travel to the UK despite of COVID travel restrictions?

A. We suggest delegates should monitor the COVID travel situation and refer to information provided by the UK Government. As of the 20th of November, the UK Government suggests that all people travelling to the UK should be fully vaccinated under one of the approved vaccination programmes in the UK, Europe, USA or UK vaccine programme overseas.

Q. In an event of cancellation, will I be given a refund for my Winter school expenses?

A. The event is scheduled to be held physically. It is very unlikely that the event would be cancelled because of Covid restrictions. In case the event is cancelled, payments for accommodation and food would be partially refunded depending on the notice period. Currently, we are not able to inform what a refund amount would be given at the moment as it depends on various factors such accommodation and food cancelation fees, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a current epidemiological situation in the UK, we are able to offer only 50 places for in-person attendance. Those who will not be offered a possibility to attend in person, will be invited to a virtual event.